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Chief For a Day 2014 Online Auction

In partnership with local law enforcement agencies and hospitals, Chief For a Day is about celebrating the lives of children who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. It’s also a celebration of life for us all. Thirty-four children will be given a day that focuses on their dreams, not their illness. It will allow us all to become, for a day, a part of some special children’s lives. The children participating are from 3-14 years of age.

Each child will be transported, in limousines, by police motorcade to the WSCJTC. In addition to each child having a hand-tailored uniform from their sponsoring agency, each child will be sworn in as “Chief” or “Sheriff” for the day. After the swearing in ceremony, the new Chiefs and Sheriffs will then experience outside presentations made by local law enforcement agencies including K-9 units, mounted patrol, SWAT, rifle units, a police helicopter, and more.

The 2014 event will be held on Thursday, August 21, 2014. The motorcade will arrive between 10:30 AM and 11:00 AM, followed by a swearing in ceremony at 11:00 AM, lunch will be held from noon until 1:00 PM, and the outside presentations will be held from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM.

This online auction helps the sponsoring law enforcement agencies raise money to support their chief or sheriff and their family.


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